Be Beautiful Forever

The trick to staying beautiful forever is to discover what beauty really is. When it comes to people, real, ever-lasting beauty is invisible to the eye, but obvious and apparent to the heart. Smooth skin and luscious lips with sag, and nice colored hair will fade away. You see press releases all the time about products that will make you beautiful, but no matter how hard you try, this beauty is only temporary.

How do you see your real beauty, the beauty that will last forever?

It is reflected in how you make the people around you feel. Many people won’t remember what exactly you said to them, or how you looked, or how you dressed, they will remember how you made them feel.

What does real beauty feel like?

It feels uplifting; it feels like love, unconditional love.

You want to be charming and beautiful?

Be excited for others, be happy for them; love them truly. Do everything you can to uplift those around you.

Real beauty is the ability to see beauty in those around you.

However, in order to love and appreciate others, you have to first love and appreciate yourself. When your personal cup of love is completely full (you stop looking towards the outside world to feel love, it comes from within), and it is overflowing, flowing into the cups of others, that is true beauty. That is something that people see with their heart; something that is ever-lasting and impactful.